The NBU talking about the possibility of early termination of the IMF program

The national Bank believes that if Ukraine will not receive the next tranche from the International monetary Fund until July, the programme of cooperation will probably stop.

This was announced by the Deputy head of the NBU Dmitry Sologub in an interview to Ukrainian News.

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“Now we take a fresh look at whether this is likely, but technically, the first quarter does not look real. More realistic already receive tranche in 2nd quarter. When we receive the tranche in the first or second quarter, the value of inflation. The important fact of the continuing cooperation,” said Sologub.

According to Deputy Chairman of the NBU, the lack of a decision regarding tranche of the IMF before the end of the second quarter (end of June), will attest to the fact that the current EFF program with a high probability is not restored.

“If theoretically the Ukrainian government within 2 months before the election will want to take a bunch of unpopular reforms, he will get money. But the question is, what is the probability of this is low,” he replied to the question of whether IMF loans to countries where elections must be held.

Earlier, Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk said he hopes the implementation by Ukraine of the conditions of the IMF and the next tranche of the loan in the first quarter of 2018.

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