In India, the residents took the frozen excrement for extra-terrestrial object

The Indian settlement Fazilpur Budleigh dropped a piece of ice weighing 10-12 kg, which, according to officials, is a frozen human waste from a plane, reports the BBC.

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The official Vivec, Kalia told that a very heavy chunk of ice fell from the sky in the morning. The villagers ran out of their houses to see what happened. Some of them thought it was an extraterrestrial object, others that it was some kind of celestial stone, and someone even took parts of his home.

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However, the representative meteorological Department has studied a small sample and assured that this is definitely not a weather object. Soon examination will be carried out, but now Vivec, Kalia sure that the village fell frozen waste from an airplane.

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Usually, in-flight human waste is stored in special tanks and are emitted when the plane has landed. However, sometimes happens that they disappear in flight, freeze and fall to the ground. Such a frozen waste called “blue ice” for a specific color which they impart various chemicals that are used in the toilets of the aircraft to reduce the smell.

Recall that the American plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to unacceptable behaviour. He smeared feces the walls of the booths on-Board toilets, took off his shirt and then there was trying to get, or even more smeared feces, and then wanted to wash my shirt in the toilet.

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