In the village of Lobacheve military ATO has to fight even with the smugglers

Twice in the ATO zone, the enemy broke the silence: under mortar fire has been the position of the Armed forces of Ukraine in Svetlodarsk the arc and in the region of Luhansk. The day passed, fortunately, without casualties, according to TSN.16.45.

Meanwhile, in the village of Lobacheve military have to fight not only the saboteurs, but also with the smugglers. After the blocking of the river crossings into the occupied territory, local, involve their whole fleet. In addition, the water freezes and walkers becomes more.

Military Andrew shows TSN journalists seized from smugglers boat “Luhansk fleet.”

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“A week ago there was still an iron boat, a few holes in it and it is at the bottom,” – said the military.

In this frontline village there is no work. Local live smuggling. On the other side of the cars into boats overload products, household chemicals, gasoline. One Walker from a boatman 50 hryvnia, and in the month and was earning up to ten thousand hryvnia.

“There were several occasions when the side of the boat crossed not local to our residence, and the territory which is occupied, in order for our territory to produce a foreign passport,” adds Andrew.

Former pontoon crossing in the village of Lobacheve our soldiers are closed, then the local began to look for new trails in the occupied side.

“At one point catch. They have a couple of points. Caught one pass for another. Warn each other, they have communication with each other and teamwork,” adds the military.

Contraband traffic in this sector decreased. This is immediately reflected on the products at a local store. Products from Russia decreased significantly.

Locals who still love the “Russian world” and waiting for his return, launched an information war against soldiers who blocked the smuggling. The village rumors that our warriors take boaters goods and “bribe”.

“This is done in order to compromise our commanders and soldiers”, – convinces the military.

For the ghostly silence in the area- hiding enemy DRG, snipers militants.

“This is a professional, but they are disguised as the population, wearing jackets fixers and workers and pretend they are something they are doing,” adds Mat.

On this site for our soldiers the war is on two fronts with the militants and smugglers. Because in these dense and dangerous areas of the Fiscals and Sbushniki almost never call.

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