In Thailand, on the face of the dead already two months of a monk, a smile appeared

In Thailand to perform the Buddhist rites from the coffin and pulled the body of the deceased in November monk. However, eyewitnesses were shocked that after two months of stay in the coffin, the priest had smiled.

About it reports The Daily Mirror.

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Luang Pho Li was a famous spiritual guru in Central Thailand. He comes from Cambodia. He died in Bangkok on November 16 last year at the age of 92 years, however, to perform special buddistskoj ceremony was held on the process of exhumation, that is, his body recovered from the place of burial. Connoisseurs of the activities of the monk was shocked by the fact that at the dead, green face Piana could see a slight smile.
Smiling body exhumed monk

It is noted that his body looked as if spent in the tomb for only 36 hours, not two months. Some of the Eastern believers think that the Buddhist priest has reached this Nirvana.

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