Swimmers, pensioners and even horses: Russia conquered flashmob Satisfaction

Recently in Russia a group of students of the Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation took the music video of DJ benny Benassi Satisfaction, dancing in the Dorm in his underwear. Despite criticism from the leadership of the University, as well as other officials, the clip caused quite a stir. Now Russia rolled a real flash mob parodies, and representatives of absolutely different spheres of activities like shooting video.

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To support cadets of Ulyanovsk the video was filmed by Russian swimmers. They danced to Satisfaction in one of the complexes swimming pools.

Participated in the flashmob and women. They, together with your sports equipment has withdrawn its version of the famous clip.

I wonder what kind of campaign was joined by the most unexpected fields of activity. So, your parody was made by the athletes of equestrian sport.

Satisfaction Challenge in Russia and beyond: continue to collect the most remarkable videos from the participants of the flash mob in support of the Ulyanovsk cadets https://t.co/7RLCyGRjor pic.twitter.com/zZ2uT2IfAa

— TJ (@tjournal) on 20 January 2018.

Interested in the network and unusual video of two Russian pensioners who joined the flash mob, removing the parody in one of the typical post-Soviet communal apartments. The video has spread well-known Russian groups in social networks.

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New satisfaction, but I’m not sure that you can watch

Hitting below the belt pic.twitter.com/SRlo48yr0v

— #MDK (mudakoff) 22 Jan 2018

They say parody is unexpectedly created in Israel. There is a flash mob was supported by girls military Israeli army.

It is interesting that joined viral promotion Satisfaction, and Ukrainians. The Ukrainian team on biathlon was also unable to ignore the flash mob.

We will remind, students of Russian Ulyanovsk flight school in their Dorm filmed a parody clip Italian DJ benny Benassi Satisfaction.

Then on the support of the Ulyanovsk students a similar video recorded students and other educational institutions: agricultural College and of the Academy of the Ministry of emergency situations. Both videos in General, I repeat the plot of the original movie – guys in shorts, dancing, walking the dorms and represent classes of economic Affairs, and then dancing together.

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