War in Donbass – occupation. What you should know about the early reintegration of Donbass and experts

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine this week to determine the status of captured by Russia and the separatists of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Deputies have identified Russia as an aggressor state, and the anti-terrorist operation war.

As stated in the story TSN.Week, the result of a three-day examination of the law took almost a constitutional majority. Despite the compromises found between the various political rivals, he leaves a lot of questions and risks. The law will not stop fighting tomorrow. However, it sets out fundamental provisions:

– The Russian Federation directly named as an aggressor state, and certain districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk region is occupied;

– The temporary occupation of the territories is illegitimate and does not create territorial rights of the Russian Federation;

– Legal acts, which are issued by the occupation administration of the Russian Federation are invalid and do not create legal consequences;

– Ukraine is not responsible for the illegal actions of Russia on the occupied territories;

– All military units in the zone of the ATO are subject to the joint operations staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

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Actually, the last point has caused the most controversy. Formally, the joint staff will be headed by a military chief, not the President. Critics accuse, thus Petro Poroshenko wants to share the responsibility for further military action.

“There is no other logical steps that requires the President by the Constitution and the defence act, that is, the Declaration of martial law, the creation of the Supreme commander to use all available economic, political, social, and other tools in order to give armed resistance to this aggression”, – said the lawyer, diplomat Alexander Jara.

However, Parliament, by its decision, provided the security forces, and consider the President broad powers that allow you to apply within the country’s Armed forces without the introduction of martial law. Obviously, there will be built a clear hierarchy of power control in the Donbas, which should strengthen the position of President.

“This edit the most controversial, in fact, we have violated this Constitution. I think that the President’s advisors, and the presidential Administration must understand that in the future this may be the basis for consideration in criminal and constitutional proceedings”, – said the people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem.

Videoprototype results: the impact of the law on de-occupation of migrants and the situation in the ATO zone

Two and a half years was needed to the MPs to determine the status of captured by Russia and separatists in certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the legislative recognition of Russia as an aggressor and war – war. The law took almost a constitutional majority, but it leaves a lot of questions and risks. TSN.Week learned, what changes to the Ukrainians held responsible by the new law.

TSN. Week

Yesterday, 20:19

“The authority he was given to the decision-making time was reduced, so we can respond to those challenges that appear in the same moment”, – says people’s Deputy Yuri Birch.

Another claim of the law – the text does not clearly date the beginning of the aggression in the Donbas. The authors insist that the aggression has started against Ukraine as a whole and therefore its date is the beginning of the occupation of Crimea on 20 February 2014. Among the advantages of the new law – a government assignment to create an interagency Commission, which would gather together all information about human and material losses of Ukraine from the Russian aggression. The IDPs received free to apply to the court for caused by them harm. The plan is then to this consolidated complaint Ukraine filed at international organizations and courts for redress.

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“First, it is an act of self-respect. Act – wording of what damages were suffered by Ukraine. This act on the basis of which… not to satisfy the material claims of Russia in other sectors and in other situations. It is an act that clearly show that… it is not an internal conflict, and international conflict. This document should be circulated in the UN as an official document of the General Assembly,” – said the judge of the International criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Vladimir Vasilenko.

For the international partners of Ukraine the new law was not a surprise. The combined reaction of the West goes something like this, as well as from the German government, which promised to test the law for compliance with the Minsk agreements. In Kiev insist that it is not contrary.

In Moscow on this occasion, Putin even called the national security Council, where he announced that this is the gap of the Minsk agreements. Can Russia take advantage of this vote to aggravate the situation at the front? To predict the actions of the Kremlin it is impossible. Besides, now fully ready document with all changes no one saw, and the Opposition bloc seized the opportunity to block the signing of the document for two weeks. This protest must now obtain special consideration in the session hall, and until then to sign it, the speaker of Parliament has no right. Therefore, you should wait for the details that are in the document.

Sergey Shvets

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