How invented the best sweet antidepressant. In the world celebrate Day Popsicle

Today, 24 January, the world celebrates the Day eskimo.

This is stated in the story “Sedanka z 1+1”.

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“Eskimo pie” or “eskimo pie” – so in 1919, called his invention of the American Christian Nelson. In your cake shop, he accidentally poured, brickett ice cream creamy chocolate. The first 200 bowls scattered like hot cakes. Three years later, Nelson patented his invention and began large-scale production of glazed ice cream.

“Eskimo pie” appeared in 1919 in the USA

For a long time it was a Popsicle without a stick. she planted a delicacy in 13 years. And at this time the Popsicle was first tried in the Soviet Union.

British scientists claim that the Popsicle contains high amounts of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. So curd ice cream – a wonderful antidepressant.
Eskimo contains a large amount of the hormone of happiness – serotonin

Most ice cream in the world eaten in the United States – more than 20 kilograms per person. In Western Europe the figure is much smaller – 8 kilograms per year. While the Ukrainians that graze the rear among fans of ice cream – about 2.5 kilograms, according to analysts at Pro-Consulting.

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