Kolomoisky is about the Reuters article about “PrivatBank”: “Who harmed you?”

Former shareholder of “PrivatBank” Igor Kolomoisky does not understand the essence of the investigation, the publication by Reuters about the alleged fraudulent schemes for the removal of money from “PrivatBank” offshore.

“I would like to understand what is the essence of “investigation”? The money from “Private” went to “Private”. Or Cypriot “Private” is a different Bank? Hence the question – who caused the damage?”, he said Dnia.

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NBU has published the report of the international investigators Kroll on multi-billion dollar fraud in “PrivatBank”

Recall that Reuters reported on the example of two companies that was in the river and London in 2014, was reportedly withdrawn $ 1.7 billion. from “Privat” to offshore accounts. According to the investigation, the Ukrainian company is credited to the purchase of products from firms with foreign residence, but sending did not take place. However, the money has already been transferred to the accounts of the Cyprus branch of “PrivatBank”.

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