Military near WCT “Troll” the enemy the movement of the Ukrainian flag

Slowly but surely, the Ukrainian flag was approaching the outskirts of the occupied Donetsk. Warriors are literally in meter return control of the territory near the airport, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The movement of the Ukrainian flag, the occupants perceive the fear – just start shooting. Crazy terrorists brings something to stop the movement they can. “It all depends on the weather. In the mist beyond, and meters 20, 50. In different ways,” says advance military APU “Bilan”. Counter-fire is so insane, that the trees near the Ukrainian position is not suitable even for firewood. “I can not take, because too much iron fragments. Chainsaws are broken,” says the fighter with pseudo California.

Videos neighborhoods of the occupied Donetsk on positions of the Ukrainian army snipers militants

Slowly but surely, the Ukrainian flag was approaching the outskirts of the occupied Donetsk is the main stronghold of Pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas. Literally by the metre, our soldiers are promoting the blue and yellow flag to the occupied Ukraine saw and understood that this is Ukrainian land and it certainly will be free again.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:44

For clearing the adjacent territory after the war will need to spend many years, and the deadly projectiles continue to “fertilize” the surrounding land. The ruins of the WCT guard tanks, but on the outskirts of the airport on duty snipers. “Judging by how they work, it professionals from the Russian side. Work in pairs, trying to lure us with the fire we first start. Runs heavy sniper, a distance of two miles they can work,” says the Ukrainian soldiers.

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Callsign “Sailor” argues that the war can be used for anything but separation from family. And when the reigning around not fighting, and some strange truce, the longing becomes unbearable. “Want to go home to my family. If the war, war, and…”, – says the soldier. He and colleagues are confident that the strength and spirit to attack them in abundance and to expand the bridgehead for the liberation of Donetsk they are quite capable, only it was team. However, so far there is no progress.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk

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