Ukraine, along with 13 countries holds a leadership in the production of the blockchain

Actively implement blockchain – 14 countries in the world. In their list – Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Israel, UAE, Georgia, Estonia, UK, France, Germany, Sweden and China.

This list was compiled in the framework of the report, The Networked Hotbeds of the Blockchain, which defines the key hubs in the technology development. The author of the report – organization of the Blockchain Research Institute. The slide has shared on LinkedIn, the founder of Blockchain Research Institute don Tapscott, writes The entire report will be announced later.

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Blockchain Research Institute – founded in 2017, the organization that conducts research in the field of blockchain technology and its application. Its founder don Tapscott entrepreneur, blockchain expert and bestselling author of the Blockchain Revolution.

Recall that the blockchain (a chain of transaction blocks) is a distributed database that supports list of records, so-called blocks, which is constantly growing. The base is protected against forgery and alteration. This technology is used including in digital currency.

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