Depicts Ukrainians as “crime nationalists”: the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine concerned about the new Polish draft law

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that he is deeply concerned by the adoption by the Sejm of Polish law, according to which the accountability will involve all who are opposed to supports or promotes criminal, in the opinion of poles, the actions of the OUN and UPA.

“I would like to remind the sponsors of this legislation that the Ukrainians, like the poles, suffered extremely large suffering from totalitarian regimes during the Second world war, and also fought selflessly for the freedom of their homeland. In this context of extreme concern is the intention to portray the Ukrainians only as “crime nationalists” and “collaborators of the third Reich” – said in a foreign Ministry statement released on January 26.

Ideopolitical the struggle may cause the deterioration of relations between Poland and Ukraine

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12 November 2017, 20:57

The foreign Ministry noted that the Ukrainian theme is used again in the internal politics of Poland, and “the tragic pages of our joint historical past continues to be politicized”.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry “categorically does not accept” another attempt to impose a unilateral interpretation of historical events, but also notes the incorrect use in an official document of the Republic of Poland name of the territory of modern Ukraine.

The foreign Ministry expects that the Polish Senate, which will soon consider the bill, “will show political wisdom regarding issues that can adversely affect the development of bilateral relations”.

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We will remind, on 26 January, the Parliament of Poland adopted the law under which the responsibility will involve everyone who argues, supports, or promotes criminal, according to poles, the actions of OUN and UPA. The law concerns the definition of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainian organizations that collaborated with the Third Reich, as well as introducing the possibility of holding according to article 55 of the Law on the Institute of national remembrance of criminal proceedings against persons who deny these crimes.

It is noted that the bill was created and promoted in the diet of the right radical party “Cookies’15”, which is known for its attitude towards the activities of Ukrainian nationalists in Western Ukraine.

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