Fake and farce: Kiva responded to the expulsion from the socialist party, which he headed

Ilya Kiva called “fake” about his exclusion from the Socialist party of Ukraine, which he previously headed. According to him, Petro Ustenko, who also considers himself a leader of political force, irrelevant to the socialist party, and his statement is void.

About it the politician wrote in Facebook.

The Statement Of The Kiva! As head of the party, I officially declare that Peter Ustenko and his company, no longer have any relations…

Posted by Illya Kiva on Saturday, January 27, 2018

“We have removed him from his post as leader and expelled them from the party a month ago. This decision matured long ago. We watched his activities – negotiations with representatives of Surkov, for his attempts to sell Firtash. We will not allow again to drown the socialist party in favor of someone’s personal interests. Today, all charges and statements from these scams are nothing more than a fake and a farce. Please use confirmed information from official sources”, – is spoken in the message of the Kiva.

Earlier it was reported that on 27 January Kiva was expelled from the socialist party during the joint meeting of the political Council and Central control Commission of the socialist party political power. Petro Ustenko, who also calls himself the leader of the socialist party, said that the Council was convened in connection with “the attempt of raider capture of the party”.

Videola Kiva said, who was vacationing in Bali

Ilya Kiva exclusive to TSN showed Catherine, which rested on the island and where our viewers took the video as he ate Breakfast. The politician admitted that the girl he is living together for six months. Girl and son, wears diamonds and drives a brand new Mercedes for 60 thousand dollars.

TSN. 19:30

18 Jan, 20:50

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