In “DNR” began to mobilize local residents have expressed widespread discontent

After the next casualties among the militants in the self-proclaimed “DNR” a new wave of mobilization.

Social networks and the streets are crowded with announcements about the next recruitment into the ranks of the “army of DNR”.

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Yes, these postcards were sent from Komsomolsk and Telmanovo, where deployed headquarters of the so-called “First Slavic brigade”.


January 16, local residents began receiving subpoenas in the military.


This time under the mobilization in the ranks of illegal armed groups, according to the ads, covers persons aged 16 to 55 years, the students of stationary form of education and even persons who for religious reasons are forbidden to take up arms.

In turn, the social network is full of messages of dissatisfaction with the actions of the self-proclaimed authorities. Here is what they write in social networks, local residents in non-government controlled areas.




But in the management “DNR” to calm the sudden discontent, already issued a statement that supposedly no mobilization in the “Republic” is not on the agenda mailed to a test alert.

“Subpoenas are sent to test the alert. It is a standard routine procedure, of mobilization in the Republic. Specified documents of the military account, the state of health of citizens”, – said the “military Commissioner of DNR” Alexander Malkowsky.

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