Orca counts to three: cave taught to repeat phrases in human language

European scientists conducted the study and came to the conclusion that the underwater mammals killer whales can repeat a number of phrases.

About it reports the Republic.

The studies were carried out with 16-year-old orca named Vicky, which is kept in a special aquarium in the commune of Antibes, in France. The scientists made the animal to repeat phrases such as “Hello”, “bye”, “one, two, three”.

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First try the Wiki to repeat the people could not. In order to repeat the researchers, the whales went from 4 to 17 attempts. The sounds used in these phrases, these animals do not use in a natural environment.

However, scientists say that there is no reason to believe that animals understand the meaning of spoken words. They just repeat a set of sounds.

“It is striking that although the whales have a different morphology, they still can closely mimic the sounds of other species. In this case, us,” says one of the participants of the study.

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