In ORDO contains over hundreds of Ukrainian hostages – SBU

In the hands of terrorists on Donbass still have 108 citizens of Ukraine illegally detained in areas occupied by Pro-Russian gangs. Such figure was sounded by the adviser to the Chairman of the SBU Yuriy Tandit.

“Today, freed or found 3221 person. Officially hostages of the 108 people who illegally detained on the territory ORDO. Missing are 398 people,” he said. Special services representative refused to name the possible date of the new exchange of prisoners. “We don’t announce future implementations and operations on release of hostages, because in the process of liberation attracted a lot of people,” – said of the Tandem.

Videoekologiya hostage, 29-year-old vinnichanin novel Savkov out already

Another prisoner managed to free. This 29-year-old resident of Vinnytsia Roman Savkov. To fighters guy was in the summer of last year in Krasnogorovka. Then in the battle killed three of his companions. In the thrall of the Novel, aggravated diabetes, people lost 30 pounds, and survived only thanks to the insulin that his volunteers were transported to the occupied territory.

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25 Jan, 08:55

At the same time Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko assured that the priority theme of the talks in the humanitarian group in Minsk is the release of the hostages. According to her, the work in this direction is being actively pursued. “There are concrete proposals, which are now discussed. We want the fastest possible result, and every effort to do that. Also, the Ukrainian side has acutely raised the issue of liberation of Ukrainians in Russian prisons. We have certain initiatives in this direction and strive to unlock the process of releasing political prisoners,” – said Gerashchenko on my own page on Facebook.

The politician said that on the agenda is also the issue of missing persons, which she offers to devote one of the next Minsk meeting. “The search of missing persons comes to the fore, it is important in the context of the release of the hostages (who are often first need to find) so we require the involvement of the ICRC and other international organizations to search for the missing, and examination of the remains and the exhumation of the dead,” she said.

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