The militants near the Water covered their positions in time, the “petals”

Pro-Russian militants use on the sea of Azov banned by all conventions anti-personnel mines. The so-called “petals” are guaranteed to maim the man, tearing off limbs, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Positions in the Water soldiers to protect a few local as Nikolai Ivanovich, who is tending the goats, who have learned to hide when the shelling. The village fighters hit artillery, just exactly earth structures in it – and on their way already happened hut pan Nicholas. “They used the provocations to do, then they will say that this APU fires. As they say, is their land. And, it turns out, point-blank shot? Spare no shells,” said the fighter with pseudo Koc.

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The militants near the Donetsk decided to use cats in the confrontation with the Ukrainian army

Shoot the enemy is convenient because of its position on a hill while the soldiers on the plain and get to the occupied territory can not, because it’s rigged. “Scattered in front of “petals”, parsipany like out of the bag,” says Kok. Ukrainian soldiers say that this insidious war is a little like the heroic idea of it, takes a lot of effort and nerves for the dirty work in the trenches of dirt on the air is cold and under fire, you never answer. But your choice of the defenders of the state have no regrets. “When the war in the country – we need to protect, not to sit at home,” says the fighter with the Callsign “Sprinter”.

The correspondent TSN Ruslan Yarmolyuk

Video surveillance the sea of Azov fighters used prohibited by all international conventions ammunition

Village Water fighters dismantled the pieces of artillery. Knee-deep in the mud a few hundred meters from the enemy, the Ukrainian soldiers confidently and firmly holding their positions. On the other side the enemy is stuck on high, in concrete, and shoots out of anything, even ammunition prohibited by international conventions.

TSN. 19:30

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