“Camp of Nazi Germany.” The inmates of the colony in the “LNR” spoke about slave labor on militants

Prisoners of colonies in the occupied militants “LNR” the territory turned into a free labor force in the industry with millions of revolutions, writes the magazine Novoye Vremya.

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Teimuraz Nicotin recently escaped from prison, appeared on the territory of the so-called “Luhansk people’s Republic”. According to the laws of Ukraine it was supposed to release over a year ago, but the administration of the colony continued to hold Nihotina in prison.

“Almost all forced to work and get on the convicts a lot of money, nervously says Nicotin. – This is a camp of Nazi Germany!”

Videopolice established names and was declared wanted by the militants who tortured priests

Three militants in June 2014 in Slavyansk tortured four priests of the churches, declaring them “American spies”. The men were abducted off the worship, was tortured and killed. Their bodies were found a month after the liberation of Slavyansk in a mass grave along with 10 other civilians killed. The investigators found that shot the hostages, three terrorists is a resident of Makeyevka Oleg Samples, and two residents of Slavyansk – Andrey Chernyshov and Evgeny Pushkov.

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1 Feb, 08:51

In the report of the Eastern human rights group stated: “On the territory of “Lugansk Republic” in prisons and colonies there are about 5 thousand persons. in three over time, but they are not released into the wild: in the colonies, these people bring in local “authorities” significant financial benefit”.

To do this, in the “LC” has created a structure with the high-sounding title the State unitary enterprise of penal colonies. It includes all of the nine colonies in the territory controlled by “LNR”.

This “unitary enterprise” the efforts of the prisoners under his authority, produces many different products for “administration” Luhansk cities – from furniture to cinder blocks.

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Paul Lisyansky, chair of the Eastern human rights groups says, that it delivered in a big way: the year the convicts in the colonies of produce for $ 3.5 million.

Prisoner Vitaly says: “In the Luhansk zones now established the inhuman laws and the rules of life: those who do not want to work, break arms and ribs, revealing beat in front of everyone, make it to the cold, and undress the other.”

Wages of prisoners is two cigarettes a day.

Videoroliki use of dogs and cats to divert attention of the Ukrainian fighters

Whole streets were deserted, Marinka: not remaining at home, or at least the Windows in the house. From the old inhabitants remained in the yards of their former abandoned four-legged friends. Invaders before himself to look out of the trenches, first trenches are thrown from the animal. The poor soldiers did not shoot, but the animals still die on banners and mines.

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29 Jan, 20:16

In General, according to Lysenko, in the area of the 900 people recruited are not more than three dozen disabled.

Slave labor of prisoners is actively used not only in “LNR”, but in the neighbouring “Donetsk people’s Republic”.

Such is made possible, according to lisiansky, due to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are unable to remove from the zone ATO colony. On vacant land, managed to evacuate only one women’s area.

Freedom come only a few, as happened with Nicotine, who barely managed to release with the help of human rights activists and representatives of foreign embassies.

Nikotin said, almost all prisoners want to transfer to Ukraine. “There [“LC”] attitude towards people like cattle. And to escape from the zone can only wonder,” he concludes.

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