Ukraine increased the territory of the five villages in the Donbass. What this means

Two villages in the Donbas – Novoaleksandrovka and Katerynivka – came under the control of the Armed forces of Ukraine. The front line now passes close to the occupied Pervomaisk in Luhansk region.

As recalled in the story TSN.Week overall since the end of last year, the army returned to Ukraine five settlements -Travneve Gladsome Item, The Novoaleksandrovka and Katerinovka.

To Novoaleksandrovka before came and militants and Ukrainian intelligence. The moment came when the military decided, “enough is enough, there should be a Ukraine”. “Taking advantage of bad weather conditions, we have established full control over the village. It was a surprise for the separatists. They realized that coming here is not worth it. Here already – Ukraine. Not just on the outskirts,” said the officer of Civil-military cooperation Vyacheslav Scorec.

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Now in the village, dozens of houses are empty. One of them once the militants have turned the observation point. They came there not as owners, through the door, but like thieves through the window. This is due to the fact that part of the house, the Ukrainians couldn’t see from their positions.

Formally now in Novooleksandrivka lives no more than two dozen people. Anyone who has a passport “LC” and still receives a pension of militants in rubles. In the neighboring liberated the village of Katerynivka many people have in Pervomaisk apartment and a job. However people have never used a RUB. However, the militants in Katerinovka, too, felt like home.

Elena Polukhina, a resident of the village Katerynivka: “They came to the village two or three. Went and looked”.

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In Katerynivka, presumably, hiding action with an eloquent call “Dead”. Its form and documents found by the military.

Ukraine is not very concerned about the local patriots. Children hours knead the dirt country roads to get to school. Adults who are tired of anarchy, asked the military to restore ties with Ukraine. Most of all the soldiers enjoys a local resident. She hopes that some of the young guys in Ukrainian uniforms will forever change her life and get married. When a car with servicemen was driving down the street Katerinovka, local warmly waved.

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