Inspection authorities: NACP has published the most common violations officials

The national Agency for corruption prevention published a list of the most common violations detected during 2017, while checking authorities and local self-government.

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In the list of NACP included the following violations:

  • failure to submit and late submission subjects of Declaration declarations, notices of material changes in property status;

  • failure on a check that the subjects of declaring, who work (worked), declarations and not informing the National Agency about cases of non-submission or late submission of declarations;

  • violations associated with the preparation and implementation of anti-corruption programs;

  • failure to take statutory measures for the prevention and settlement of conflict of interests;

  • violation by officials of requirements of the transfer of control of another person or enterprise or corporate rights which belong to them;

  • the decision on the appointment of employees to posts that provide hold a responsible or especially responsible position, without regard to their special check;

  • the failure to provide for conditions for communication workers of bodies on the violation of the Law by another person through a dedicated phone line, official web sites, electronic communications.

It is noted that in the past year, the NAPC has spent 18 scheduled and 12 unscheduled inspections in the ministries and other state bodies and bodies of local self-government.

We will remind, the National Agency for prevention of corruption, invited the Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie Philip Ilyenko to provide explanations regarding the application of the incentive payment to the employee of the state that is a relative.

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