Foreign exchange reserves of Ukraine for the month decreased by more than half a billion dollars

In January foreign exchange reserves of Ukraine decreased by 2% and at the beginning of February amounted to 18.4 billion U.S. dollars. As the press service of the national Bank, this is due to the servicing of state debt in the amount 565,6 million.

Of them 468,5 million went to repay foreign currency debt of the state, and others in the guaranteed public debt in foreign currency. In addition, the Bank conducted interventions in the foreign exchange market to stabilize the hryvnia. On the interbank market, the NBU in January, the total sold 266,8 million dollars. Most of the funds have already returned as the result of excess supply of foreign currency and the purchase of the banks. Thus, the net sales of foreign currency amounted to 15.9 million dollars.

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The volume of reserves was also influenced by revaluation of financial instruments amounting to more than 205 million. The national Bank noted that the volume of international reserves covers all envisaged in the near future the costs and remains sufficient to meet obligations and current operations of the government and the NBU.

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