New scheme. Fraudsters, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance offered to receive compensation for participating in the “MMM”

Fraudsters have invented a new way to steal from the Ukrainians – they call people on behalf of the Ministry of Finance propose to obtain compensation for past participation in the financial pyramid MMM. They say, the state now compensates for the loss. But first you need to pay “taxes”.

“Scammers are calling from the city of Kiev under different names and say that the court’s decision, the Finance Ministry now pays the appropriate “compensation”. Further report should come to recover the receipts, and what “tax” you must pay”, – noted in the Ministry of Finance.

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The office noted that the state is not obliged to pay compensation instead of private companies.

“Because, according to article 152 of the Civil code of Ukraine joint stock company is independently responsible for its obligations, and given the fact that the state did not assume obligations to make any payments to the shareholders of JSC “MMM”, information on the implementation of the specified payments, the Finance Ministry is false. At the same time, to prevent fraud in case of receipt to the address of the former shareholders of JSC “MMM” relevant calls are advised to contact the law enforcement authorities”, – stated in the message.

Recall that “MMM” is a private company Sergei Mavrodi, which was organized in the days of the Soviet Union. Investors were offered high interest rates, but once this largest in the history of Russia and the former Soviet Union Ponzi scheme burst. According to various estimates, the money lost from 10 to 15 million investors. For fraud, Madoff has been in prison for four and a half years. After he began to revive the MMM in different countries. In Ukraine the activity of “MMM” is prohibited.


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