The season of sales. What things in Ukraine are mad discounts

In Ukraine, the ongoing season discounts’. In some stores, prices have fallen up to 80%. And one of the outlets on men’s jacket are as much as 250% discount.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

In the capital market “Obolon” – discount season is in full swing. Reduced prices are mainly on the winter clothes – knitted, fur, Angora, Kashmir. The saleswoman Elena – the largest range of hats, every model has its own discount.

“This season I take mostly these “samchiki” fur hats. They are very popular, it is a youth model. Cost 800 hryvnia – now 700. And these caps cost 600, and now give for 450. Some cost 380 hryvnia, and now – 300″, – says the woman.

20% discount gives its customers, the seller of shoes Marina:

“In the entire winter shoes at least 150-200 hryvnia discounts. Winter boots cost 800 hryvnia, is 500. “Quilted” were 700-800 hryvnia, now – 500″.

VideoCAM works discount policy, markets and shopping centers

The season of discounts continues in Ukraine. In some stores, prices have fallen up to 80%. And we managed to find a mens jacket, which are as much as 300%. On the “politics” of discounts in the bazaars and shopping centres in the story.

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But the top seller of garments and jeans Arsida the highest discount – 250%.

“Ski jacket “Everest”, which can withstand 30-40 degrees of frost, it was worth 8,5 thousand hryvnias. Now 3400. I sell below the purchase price, because there is no where to put it, is not the season already,” – says the man.

Says he can do a big discount to the person who he likes. He is the owner and decide what discounts to do.

If the market discounts apply only to winter clothes, in the malls they are in the underwear, and even summer dresses. However, the prices of clothing and footwear differ from marketplace. Branded sturdy winter jacket for men with the discount will cost on the average 4 thousand UAH. Prices for jackets start from 1 thousand UAH. Boots with 50% discount, from 1.7 thousand UAH.

Discount season in Ukraine will last until the end of February. But you have to hurry because the popular sizes are almost sold out.

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