The expert said the reason podeshevleniya meat in Ukraine

In Ukraine fell meat. A kilo of pork in the capital can be found at 80 UAH per kg, although a month ago cost 120 UAH. The flesh of beef sold at RS 100, though the price was 130 UAH and above.

People associate this price change with a reduction in the dollar to a minimum over the past two months. About it writes “Today”.

The General Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko believes that the prices of meat is not worth it to associate with the revaluation of the hryvnia.

“Data on the beef trade have not yet, but pork, I can say that falling prices caused by lower demand. In January, the demand for pork is traditionally reduced. Last year in the first quarter, meat prices also rose slowly, and in the second and third – much faster. This year too, in mid-January, the pork producers began to gradually reduce the price, and then in different regions took different trends. For example, last week the Western regions slightly increased selling price, and in Central and Eastern Ukraine, there was a further fall in prices in opte. Such multidirectional dynamics suggests that price already, in principle, stabilized,” – said Doroshenko.

Meanwhile more and more Ukrainians instead of expensive pork and beef buy chicken. Although it is predicted by experts to rise.

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