A new collapse of the US stock market: Dow Jones fell by more than a thousand points

On American stock market second time in a week collapsed.

About it reports Reuters.

Thursday, February 8, the main industrial index US Dow Jones fell by 4.15% or 1032 points.

Index Standard&poor’s also suffered significant losses – it fell to 3.75%. From the peak performance of 26 January, he lost more than 10%.

Videostories the fall: what to expect from the fall of the Dow Jones

The index slipped by fifteen hundred points. This is one of the most important indicators for the US economy. Such for all history of existence of stock exchanges do not remember.

TSN. 16:45

6 Feb, 17:55

We will remind, on Monday, February 5, during trading on the new York stock exchange fell more than a thousand points the main industrial index US Dow Jones – from 25 thousand to 24 thousand items. A rapid decline occurred two weeks after the Dow Jones for the first time in its history, has exceeded 26 thousand.

The cause of the fall experts call the fast growth of profitability of us government bonds and related concerns about inflation and rising interest rates the Federal reserve system (private banking system that performs the role of the Central Bank of the United States).

Meanwhile, the expert explained that the collapse of world stock markets could lead to another financial crisis and may affect the Ukraine, you need to get credit debt in dollars. But Ukrainians are advised to keep funds in cash.

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