Odese and shocks: in Germany, calculated how many men die from extreme Masturbation

According to the research forensic expert Harald Voss, annually from 80 to 100 people throughout Germany accidentally die from risky practices during masturbations. The study also revealed the bizarre and dangerous ways in which men can satisfy themselves.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The expert noted that the most common cause of death autoerotic asphyxiation. For the sake of bright orgasms men block off access to oxygen, but it is not always possible to control the situation.

“People can lose consciousness faster than they think,” says the researcher.

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So, in Hamburg, a man choked to death in his basement. When he found the body and neck were tied with chains, and next to him was also pornography.

However, this is not the only risky way to satisfy myself.

Galle found the dead man, who clamped your nipples with lanterns with the Christmas tree. He’d probably get pleasure from the blows of an electric current.

In addition, in Hamburg, a man dressed in tights, Cape, suit for diving and with a bag over his head and died, sitting near the heater trying to melt a slice of cheese on your body.

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According to Voss, the victims are usually men, as women are “more cautious and not complicate everything”.

Also, according to the expert, not all cases are known, because the victims ‘ families are often ashamed to tell it or try to hide the cause of death.

Recall that the US made a list of the most obscure and curious items the doctors pulled out of women’s vaginas. Among them, in particular, headphones, a lamp and a phone.

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