The banking system in a year could reduce losses six times

By the end of 2017 banking system of Ukraine demonstrated the loss for a total of 25 billion 972 million UAH including solvent and insolvent banks. It is six times less than it was in 2016.

Such data are the national Bank, UNIAN.

In particular, the loss of solvent banks is 24,360 billion UAH, and insolvent – 1,612 billion.

Of the 82 solvent banks 64 were profitable overall for the year have 15,925 billion. But on 18 solvent banks had 40,284 billion UAH of losses.

The greatest losses for the year in “PrivatBank” (22,966 billion UAH), “Prominvestbank” (7,656 billion) and “VTB Bank” (4,112 billion).

The biggest profit was “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” (4,469 billion UAH), UkrSibbank (1,467 billion) and “credit Agricole Bank” (1,110 billion).

Recall that in 2016, the banking system of Ukraine has updated the historical maximum loss, having given the insolvent banks the negative financial result at the level of 160,143 billion. The previous record loss of the banking system was recorded in 2015 when the negative financial result of operating banks amounted to 66.6 billion UAH.

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