Saakashvili detainee deported to Europe – sources

The leader of the “Movement novih forces” Mikheil Saakashvili, who was detained in Kyiv on Monday being deported from Ukraine. About it Dnia announced its own sources.

“Yes, that’s deportation. Deportation to Europe,” said a senior official.

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At the same time, another senior source said that he was being deported not to the Netherlands, because there he could only go on their own. But the opportunity [to go to the Netherlands] left him in case if he agreed to voluntary deportation.

“This is called a readmission – the return of the illegal alien in the country where the underground has arrived,” he added.

This means that Saakashvili will be deported to Poland, because in Ukraine he came from there in September 2017, after breaking through the border.

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Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko does not want to send Mikhail Saakashvili in the Georgian prison.


8 Feb, 17:51

According to sources in diplomatic circles, about five days ago, the Ukrainian side asked the Polish with a request for the readmission procedure Saakashvili, but the Polish side at the time of detention of Saakashvili in the request is not answered because they have a month to process it.

Recall, 11 December the Pechersky regional court of Kiev released Saakashvili unconditionally. The court denied the prosecutors the petition about election of a measure of restraint in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest. Saakashvili is accused of assisting a criminal group under article 256 of the Penal code. He faces from 3 to 5 years behind bars.

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13 Oct 2017, 20:11

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