Ukraine must enter 24 thousand peacekeepers from the UN report

In Ukraine you need to send 24 thousand peacekeepers’ to help resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

This is stated in the report of the UN expert at Columbia University in new York, Richard Goana, reports Reuters.

According to the document, the peacekeeping mission should include about 20 thousand troops from countries that do not belong to NATO, as well as four thousand policemen.

Videoasia changed its position on peacekeepers in the Donbass after the meeting with Kurt Volker

After a meeting with the representative of the United States in Dubai the representative of the Kremlin Vladislav Surkov has declared literally the following: the current package of U.S. proposals look “usable”. According to Surkov, there is a detailed plan for the deployment of a peacekeeping mission, tied to implementation of the political provisions of the Minsk agreements.

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28 Jan, 20:45

According to the UN expert, the contingent will include representatives of European countries such as Sweden. Also should be presented to the country with the experience of participation in peacekeeping missions, such as Brazil. The government trusts Russia – for example, Belarus.

The introduction of the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass will allow, in particular, to hold local elections, he said.

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Peacekeepers in the Donbas, the Kremlin has called the new US proposal constructive

The report was prepared on behalf of the former Secretary General of NATO, Advisor to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Anders Fogh Rasmussen. It will be presented on 17 February at the Munich security conference.

Some experts talked about the need to send in the Donbass 50 thousand peacekeepers, but the author of the report believes such a figure is unrealistic. While the conflict in the Donbas are monitoring more than 700 OSCE observers.

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Lavrov categorically rejected UN peacekeepers on the border with the occupied Donbass

In last year Russia has offered to send “blue helmets” in the region only to ensure the safety of the OSCE observers. Kiev is in favour of peacekeepers were deployed throughout the conflict zone including the Ukrainian-Russian border.


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