Developed in Czechoslovakia during the Soviet era scheme: Koval told how Russia annexed the Peninsula

Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, under the guise of the Olympics in Sochi, that was part of a special operation to capture the Peninsula.

This was stated by former acting Minister of defence Colonel General Mikhail Koval during the interrogation on the case of treason, deprived the title of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

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“It’s no secret that Russia under the guise of ensuring the holding of the winter Olympics in Sochi has created a powerful group of the Armed forces, creating new units, such as razvedroty new type of brigade of special importance,” he stressed.

The questioning of officials on charges of treason Yanukovych

Today, February 15, during a meeting of the Obolon district court in the case of treason fugitive Viktor Yanukovych will interrogate the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and ex-the Minister of defence Mikhail Koval. Subscribe to the page TSN Live, in order not to miss relevant events.

Published TSN Live 15 Feb 2018

According to Koval, according to the order of ex-President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, the State border service exercised control over the movement of all the subjects of the Russian black sea fleet stationed in Crimea.

“And then we clearly saw that claimed one Il-76 at the airport in Singapore and flew eight. Here’s “little green men”! 31-I air brigade from Ulyanovsk, and the 104th airborne regiment from Pskov region. I immediately reported to the head of service. It takes a short time and instead announced three helicopters to the teachings of the black sea fleet arrives 11. The girl, the border guard was just laughing in the face,” he said.

According to Koval, it was part of military operations to capture the Peninsula.

“Examples: “operation Danube” in Czechoslovakia, the same thing happened in Hungary, the same thing happened in Afghanistan, that is, the presence of the black sea fleet and other units provide ration component. It gave the opportunity under the guise of experts to conduct a reconnaissance to its facilities, to have the conductors from among the local population and rapidly reach after landed, to objects. Old established system,” – said Colonel-General.

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After that, the former acting head of the defense Ministry told how events unfolded when he arrived in the Crimea, noting that the ranks of the Ukrainian military was a massive betrayal.

“I arrived on the Peninsula on March 4. Active phase of the operation had already been conducted – the main nodes were controlled by special forces and military of the Russian Federation. The operation was clearly planned. I was in the uniform of Colonel-General. I represented the state. From the beginning there were three attempts to confront me. On March 5, there were three attempts to detain me. On the ring road of Simferopol at the gas station Mr. Mertsalov together with the Cossacks I was blocked, I was surrounded and we with them for hours talking. At first they tenderly spoke to me, treated with respect, then began to threaten that I have to go from the Crimea to go,” he recalls.

Koval noted that he was able to negotiate with opponents, and they allowed him to carry out the order of Turchynov to deal with the situation on the Peninsula, but under two conditions: to speak Russian language and not to interfere in politics.

“When we approached the regional management of the Black sea, saw that there’s a group of 23 people in the same beige caps with shivranjini airborne, among them 2 frames cameras, which from beginning to end made the video. School across the street is the arch, under the arch counted about 25 guys of the Caucasian nationality without weapons in tracksuits, all with the same sneakers. Before the entrance to the regional office of the group is paramilitary green uniforms, up to 60 people, all of the red tape on the left forearm. The headquarters of the border control personnel with shields with the flags of autonomy, the same flags of the airborne troops and the Russian flag. Building captured by Russian special forces, 80 people, guys on the roofs with sniper rifles, in the Windows of servicemen in Balaclava. Well-planned operation,” said Colonel-General.

“I wanted the first time there is to take. Flying man in the uniform of the border guard. There was shouting, noise. “The assault on assault!”I had no choice – he just gave a slap in the face hit, and that storm is over,” he added.

After that, Smith with another generalom in the Park gathered together all the people, and explained that it is impossible without an order to leave boundaries, and if someone wants to leave, let him write a report on the dismissal and not change the oath.

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“After that he went to Balaklava, accompanied by Mertsalov and his men. The road is already blocked, checkpoints, snakes, blocks of reinforced concrete. Around were the Cossacks so called, in Cossack uniform, but I think that every punctured clock. Balaclava blocked the entire marine corps, it is the 5th marine guard detachment, where we took the ships and boats. I gathered all of our women with children. Men on ships came to Odessa. I told them not to worry that the men will return after a short time and will guard the border,” he said.

According to Koval, then they went to Yalta, where he was attacked and seriously beaten.

“Mertsalov was in the car with him. He said he wants the toilet, but I called to endure to the gas station. Reach the station, he jumps out, but gets in his car BMW. We stopped in Yalta, going to the seaport, where are stationed the 5th marine guard detachment. I stop on the square in front of the squad, is a group of Russian paratroopers in full gear, surrounded the area, inside up to 50 people. Half in leather jackets, half in metal helmets, 1944. The car was stopped, slashed the tires began to shake, shouting, “Where is this Bandera General?”I go out and get hit by a bat, a vitashch me out of the car, tore the epaulets from his shoulders. Beating me, forcing to kneel,” said he.

After that, according to Koval, he was thrown into a car, sat behind the wheel biker, half an hour at Yalta went, out into the mountains. I came to the conclusion that this is a special group, as the biker was out on the radio square.

“I stretch, and then the biker says to the commander: “You are a communication senior green grasshoppers”. Talked to some other signal given. And then they of the beasts suddenly normal guys turned. I was not Bandera, but comrade General,” he said.

Colonel-General noted that after this they returned to Simferopol, where he was offered disgrace to expel from the ARC, but in the end left at the station. Smith reported on all the events the head of the service, and that the Turchinov. Then he gave the order to leave. On March 6 he left the Crimea.

We will remind, earlier people’s Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” and the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov at the hearing against the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych told about the Russian takeover of the Crimea, in particular, the capture of buildings of Parliament and of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

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