Near Happiness, the militants gave the Ukrainian side the body of the deceased soldier

Fighters self-proclaimed “LNRĀ» handed over to the Ukrainian side the body of a soldier who died 12 Feb.

It is reported by the headquarters of the ATO in Facebook.

Representatives ORLO returned to the body of the deceased Ukrainian defender After long and difficult negotiations, representatives of the state…

Published by the Press center of staff ATO 15 Feb 2018

“After long and difficult negotiations, the representatives of the humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “the Evacuation of 200″ made the return of the body of the deceased defender on the territory controlled by Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

February 12 during a combat mission for the observation of the enemy positions one of the soldiers, came under mortar attack were killed. His body fell into the hands of militants.

They are in three days was changed during the transmission of the body.