The case of high treason Yanukovych. Turchinov testified in court almost five hours

Today, February 15, in the Obolon court of Kyiv once again listened to witnesses for a treason trial of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Current Secretary of the NSDC, Alexander Turchinov, who after the flight of Yanukovych in 2014, a few months performed the duties of the President, testified for almost five hours.

In particular, Turchynov said today, what would be waiting for Yanukovych if he remained in Ukraine; that Russia in 2014, was planning an invasion of Georgia from the mainland; disclosed, when and why it began with the hidden occupation of the Crimea; accused of lying at the trial of former commander of the APU, and also explained why during the annexation of Crimea, he lied about the presence in Ukraine of a strong army.

The court declared a break for almost a week. The next meeting is scheduled at 10:00 Wednesday, February 21.

Videosourceno in the trial of Yanukovych commented on the annexation of Crimea

Turchinov said that the army was in a deplorable state, and the threat of full-scale Russian invasion is real. Therefore, to uphold the power of the Crimea was impossible. Testimony was also given by Michael Koval, in 2014, he was the acting defence Minister.

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