Three years in the book Department: the old lady from Kiev comes every day to the supermarket to read books

In one of the capital’s supermarkets in the section of books arranged the Seating area, because there are regularly visited by the old lady to just reading books. She tries not to draw attention to himself, but despite this has become popular on the Internet, without even knowing it, says the story TSN.19:30.

When meeting with reporters, the old lady embarrassed, worried about his poor form in front of the camera, but as soon as it comes about books – forget about everything else. Her favorite genre is folklore, and the former occupation – ballet. The woman gave the scene 20 years, prima was not, however, do not regret anything, except that unfulfilled dreams of becoming a journalist.

Video settings supermarket specially for my grandmother arranged a Seating area for reading

For more than three years a woman comes in one of the capital’s supermarkets to read. Trying attention not to attract. But curious visitors, to hide could not. And unwillingly became popular on the Internet. Talk to grandma-bibliophile managed and TSN.

TSN. 19:30

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Native Anastasia Anisimovna says and asks him not to ask. And why in the morning and before the store closed wandering in the book Department, says that running away from life. Remember, once had its own large library, which was lost. Why is not recognized. So come to the store for more than three years to read.

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Recently, especially for my grandmother in her favorite Department put a small sofa, so the old lady was easier to read. “I didn’t know what to put me in. I just saw that he appeared and for what purpose, I do not understand” she admitted. Anastasia Anisimovna said that the store never drove, and visitors are more supportive. “If they smile, you smile” – shares his experience old.

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About a woman in a supermarket tell that she is always calm, balanced and with a book in hand, never shares about his personal. Charity asks, although it is clear that not eats. Respond to people – they serve tea or sweets. While Anastasia Anisimovna life is not complains, and in the 77 wonder why so life was in order and reads. “It is difficult to judge, you can make mistakes,” she explains the search for wisdom in books.

The TSN reporter Mariam Hovhannisyan

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