In Donbass militants creep close to the recently liberated villages

57 the team confirmed that one of its soldiers is officially considered so, which self-willedally left a part with the weapon.

As stated in the story TSN.Week with news that the militants will do high-profile event, to hide the fact that their serious losses. We are talking about six dead, two wounded. This is the result of the operation began the militants to return Travneve and Gladsome, near the occupied Horlivka.

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Two groups of the enemy tried to bypass the positions of Ukrainian villages, but the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” took the fight. Only managed to count 9 of the militants.

Liberated village haunt the rebels. But the fact that the enemy is preparing an operation in the area of Travneve and Mladosovice, on the Ukrainian side knew. “There is a clear belief that it is the Russians. On the other side there are many people with an active civil position. They reported that they arrived a group of 10-15 men who are trained,” – said the officer of the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” Callsign “Gaiduk”.

Time for surgery, the group of performers chosen by chance. On this day the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” celebrated the third anniversary. The calculation of the relaxed festive mood has clearly failed the enemy.

Plans to return the lost settlements of the insurgents to develop other sectors of the front. In the Luhansk region after the liberation novooleksandrivka is living on Kyiv time. Military discipline keeps the commandant in person. The commandant announced: “I am the military commander of the city of Popasnaya. If you have questions, call around the clock. Soldiers from the commandant’s office will come to you.”

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Local residents said that the military behave correctly.

But to rejoice still early. On three sides the Novoaleksandrovka gradually surround the militants. Beyond the village the distance between the positions is minimal. Perhaps the smallest in the ATO. More and more this area is full of fresh surprises from the enemy – mines and stretch marks.

The newly liberated village personally demanded to see Alexander hug, Deputy head of the OSCE mission. He technically avoided the reviews about the liberation of the village, which would cast a shadow over its neutrality. However, it was after a conversation with a local was forced to admit: “After the forward troops in the village has become relatively quiet.”

The officer in command of the mountain assault brigade with the call sign “Max,” reported that plans for further promotion on the front line is a military secret.

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