In Kiev, the student jumped from the bridge Paton due to a conflict with the Dean, the rescuers looking for the body

In Kiev, the divers are looking for student who jumped from the bridge Paton in the Dnieper.

About it reported in a press-service capital GU gschs of Ukraine.

“On February 17, examined 7 thousand square meters, the waters of the river Dnieper, 18 Feb divers surveyed 800 thousand sq. m. Divers down the Dnieper from Paton bridge to the Darnytsa bridge”, – stated in the message.

As noted, the search operations conducted within the world of the day.

According to gschs, the girl was born in 1999.

At the same time, the lawyer, the head of the Turkmen Diaspora of the people of Rovshanbek of Rozmetov on his page in Facebook said that the Paton bridge jumped 18-year-old student of National medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets, a citizen of Turkmenistan Mukaddas Nasyrlaev.

According to him, the tragedy occurred on 30 January, for two weeks the girl was looking for as a missing person.

Also Ruzmetov told that the student was a straight a student, but due to the fact that the Dean’s office are not filed on time documents to the migration service, the girl had problems with registration of residence permit in Ukraine.

“The Deputy Dean for work with foreign students of NMU. Bogomolets Timokhina T. A., even without reading it, tore the statement Mukaddas and gave it in her hand, informing her that she would not sign anything. Obviously, Timokhina T. A. waited as other students, gratitude for services for obtaining a residence permit, and not an empty statement,” said the lawyer, noting that in a week Nasyrlaev again appealed to the Deputy Dean, and after meeting with her, the girl was never seen again.

Rozmetov added that three days after the disappearance of the student, her family started looking for the girl, and found her route from the University to the Paton bridge, where she committed suicide.

Friends with a heavy heart to inform You of the tragedy that happened to our missing 30.01.2018 G. Muqaddas Muqaddas begat…

Published Rovshanbek Rozmetov 17 Feb 2018

In turn, the National medical University named A. A. Bogomolets said that Muqaddas was expelled from the NMU for violation of immigration laws.

“The validity of her visa expired 17.12.2017. By this time Nasyrlaev not issued a residence permit and went to Turkmenistan to obtain a new visa. 18 Jan medical University announced the termination of the contract with Mukaddas Nasyrlaev on grounds of violation of student immigration laws, January 24, she was a second time personally notified of the signing of the order of dismissal from the University, because the situation has not changed”, – stated in the message.

Lawyer Rozmetov already commented on the University statement on his page on the social network: “of NMU. Bogomolets in the “best” traditions officials of the Soviet Union counted Mukaddas afterthought.”

Friends of NMU. Bogomolets in the “best” traditions officials of the Soviet Union was expelled Mukaddas retroactively. They write that as 18.02.2018 I do not know what happened to Muqaddas.

Published Rovshanbek Rozmetov 18 Feb 2018

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