Kiev BDHR has become the most popular Park of the season

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The biggest Funpark in the country for the second time finished the season with a record result. Over two months of work “zimova Country on BDHR” took more than 530 thousand visitors, of which about 380 thousand during the Christmas holidays.

For the second year in a row, the most popular locations of the Park left: the residence of Santa Claus, Castle ice sculptures, skating rink and waterslides. Among the new locations of greatest interest was aroused by warm fair “Corporation presents” tropical farm “planet of the butterflies”, which continues to work on a permanent basis.

One of the main innovations of the 2018 winter was the introduction on the territory of Expocentre of cashless payment system from MasterCard and “Oschadbank”. Thanks to this, visitors to the Park spent in queues is much less time than previously, because could pay off the Bank cards.

As shown by own research BDHR, the people of Kiev and guests of the capital this year liking almost all of the entertainment, proposed BDHR. A positive assessment of the work of the Park has put 98% of visitors “Simova Country on BDHR”, and 99% of them highly appreciated the level of service.

By the end of the season was a noisy celebration of Shrovetide — traditional festivities and pancakes, fire-show and theatre. A gift for the visitors was a free concert featuring Olya Polyakova, Irina Fedyshyn, Vitaliy Kozlovsky and other Ukrainian artists, from the radio, “Friday”, timed to coincide with his Birthday.

As the head of Expocentre Eugene Mushkin, last year on BDHR passed a record number of events (about 120), so with the first warm days BDHR again continue to please the people of Kiev interesting activities.

This spring on the territory of Expocentre will open a permanent ice arena, equip a sports ground for mini-football and volleyball, and a children’s edutainment town “Carlson Park”.

Plans for the summer BDHR — design of the landscape Park and holding a huge number of diverse festivals for adults and children.

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