On the arc Svetlodarsk blew up two fighters of the Russians – the headquarters of ATO

Sunday, February 18, near the advanced positions of the Ukrainian military on the arc Svetlodarsk own mine-explosive obstacles blew up two fighters.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

It is noted that the mine was blown up, the militants of the so-called “7 separate motorized rifle brigade of” illegal armed formations. Both were citizens of the Russian Federation.

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In the area Svetlodarsk arc enemy used artillery against the forces of ATO

One of them is Lubimov Vladimir Vladimirovich, born in 1988, resident of the Krasnodar territory. He died. Other – Mikhailov, Sergey V., born in 1972, resident of the city of Astrakhan (vul. Vodnikova, sq 55). He received minno-explosive injuries.

Now the Ukrainian military is trying to find out information about the identity of these two fighters regular troops of the Russian Federation.

At the headquarters of ATO do not exclude that the Pro-Russian media will try to blame the ATO forces in violation of the Minsk agreement and will be credited with the death and wounded fighters of the Ukrainian defenders.

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The volunteer reported on the defeat of the rebel positions on the arc Svetlodarsk

Earlier, the speaker of the Ministry of defence on ATO Dmitry Gutsulyak reported that the command of the Russian occupying forces have intensified reconnaissance of positions of ATO forces with the use of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. During 13-14 January, during attempts to cross the private plots minefields on the Bakhmut and Mariupol directions blown diversionno-prospecting groups of the opponent. Some saboteurs were killed (including one officer), is seriously injured.

Video settings the area of the ATO, the enemy concentrated fire activity on the arc Svetlodarsk

With heavy mortars, grenade launchers and machine guns on the last days of the occupation troops fired at the positions of our defenders in the Luhansk region. With prohibited agreements Minsk mortars fired at enemy military positions and nearby Lebedinsky in the sea of Azov.

TSN. Wounds

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