The foreign Ministry called scripts after submission of Ukraine to the UN Tribunal Memorandum on Russian violations

After the submission of Ukraine to the international Tribunal of the UN Memorandum on the violation of the Russian Federation of the Convention on the law of the sea , there are two versions of events.

This broadcast “5 channel” said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs, the representative of Ukraine in the International arbitration court in this case Elena zerkal.

“The first scenario is when it is not divided into two phases, and follows the usual consideration of the merits and jurisdiction together, the Russians have 9 months for preparation of the Memorandum, as well as we had, starting from today,” – said zerkal.

“And there’s another option, and we believe that this option will be applied. They may, within three months to submit their objections regarding lack of jurisdiction of the Tribunal to hear the case. And of course, we understand that given the election, given all that is happening in the Russian Federation, is a more likely scenario,” said Deputy foreign Minister.

“If they go on this probable scenario, they have three months to prepare for objections is may 19, after that Ukraine will have three months to prepare counter-arguments on jurisdiction.

Then the parties exchanged additional information on the basis that they received from each other, and the arbitration determines the date when there will be a hearing, how long they will last, and after a hearing, determines how much time to accept the decision,” she between dodola.

Videocrash the government sues UN over Russia’s violations of the law of the sea

The government sues Russia over violations of their rights: in the Azov and Black seas and Kerch Strait. Ukraine has made its position in the Memorandum, which was submitted to the Tribunal. Now your counterarguments have to pay the Russians, they have time for this until mid-November.

TSN. 12:00

Yesterday, 13:09

“Actually, this is now our claim, substantiated with evidence, facts, testimony, expert opinion, a position which was considered in the process of various legal proceedings, including arbitration, which was completed last year and the year before, and which dealt with the question of the South China sea, Mauritius, the Arctic Sunrise Greenpeace ship that was seized by the Russians”, – concluded the mirror.

Recall, Ukraine in February 2018 will submit a Memorandum to the international Tribunal of the United Nations concerning the violation by Russia of the UN Convention on the law of the sea.

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