In Ukraine, successfully earn two lotteries with Russian registration. The government found saboteurs

The government is developing and plans to adopt the document, which should streamline the operation of lotteries in Ukraine. We are talking about the project license conditions of implementation of lottery activities.

Appropriate appeal sent to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of justice, Gasregulating service and Antimonopoly Committee, stated in the message press service of the government.

One of the tasks to these bodies, is to ensure the implementation of revenues to the state budget this year, and the adoption of bill No. 4663 in Parliament.

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According to the Finance Ministry for 2017 one of the operators gathered rates on more than 307 million, and paid taxes on 13 million UAH. Other collected rates by 0.4 million, taxes are not paid at all. The reason for this situation is the use of spaces in the act of 2012 and the activities, despite sanctions, Russian companies.

Now, according to first Vice Prime Minister, Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv, Ukraine operates four lottery operator, two of which are included in the sanctions list of the NSDC.

He noted that for the normalization of the market of gambling, including lotteries, the Ministry of Finance developed a draft special licensing conditions, which should at least provide revenues to the state budget, but the document is still consistent number of authorities, in particular, the Antimonopoly Committee.

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According to Kubiv, the formal situation on the market of illegally protect two operators who still are under sanctions.

He also added that control mechanisms operators of lotteries is the most appropriate centralized control. It imposes government control on the operator’s side of each transaction from any distribution to the point of sale. This type of control allows to obtain information about the work of the operator at different stages and in real time through multi-level and transparent mechanism for monitoring. For example, using a unique transaction code or other similar control mechanisms.

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