Lukyanivka prison repair for the sponsorship for “neighbor or classmate”

The Ministry of justice undertook the improvement of Lukyanovka jail. Reconciled with the financial inability to evict him out of the city and announced the start of repairs.

This case Lukyanovka jail, popularly known as “Katka”, 157 years. Now here held 140 people and their living conditions European courts recognize real torture. And force Ukraine to pay compensation to dozens of lawsuits.

In local language the camera is called “hut”. In dvadtsatimetrovy the premises live up to ten detainees. At least for all possible standards, for one prisoner should be allocated no less than 4 square meters. Everywhere, mildew. Small Windows – only reshotka.

Across the threshold of the local residents complain about the conditions and indignant, why so many years of promised improvements here are still there.

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“Where are you, Lutsenko, come here to sit. You in such circumstances, sat, no,” exclaims one of the detainees.

In addition to the current attorney General, the walls Lukyanovka jail sentence was waiting for Yulia Tymoshenko, Vyacheslav Chornovil, Sergei Parajanov, Maxim Rylsky. A prison that in the mid-nineteenth century erected as a province, was initially designed for six hundred prisoners. Over time, upset in times of repression here at the same time, there were about 25 thousand prisoners. Now 2 and a half thousand. Number of cases that the local dependents have already won in the European courts concerning the conditions of detention, the Deputy Minister of justice is difficult to call.

“When we pay compensation, we lose the image, we do not perform the international environment, which Ukraine has signed or ratified”, – said the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshov.

The amounts of claims can reach tens of thousands of euros. Problem tried to solve a year and a half ago, announced the relocation of the city at the expense of the investor. But there were no volunteers. When it became clear that a new jail is not known how many decided to patch what is there.

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“From Sumy and from prison do not promise, so we are improving, maybe for your neighbor, your classmate,” says Chernyshov.

Started with two former women’s corps, it’s been empty for 4 years. Promise to change communications and Windows, to expand the area, install new furniture, as it should be shown on the layout in the yard of the detention center. After repair will get 110 additional seats with the expectation of 4 squares per person. To complete the plan by late spring the most for charity 5 million hryvnia.

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