Kiev was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of US citizen

The court sentenced him to life imprisonment for 37-year-old man who killed a US citizen, and her mother has inflicted serious bodily injury.

Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev.

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In June 2017 the man under a false pretext, went to the neighbor. In the corridor he without any reason suddenly struck 66-year-old woman in the face. Then, taking from the bag a knife, and began to put the woman chaotic beats. The victim’s daughter, 43-year-old US citizen, who was in the apartment, tried to stop the attacker. But also received knife wounds, which were incompatible with life, as told in the Prosecutor’s office.

According to authorities, an elderly woman suffered 16 stab wounds to neck, chest, stomach and shoulders, her daughter is 8 wounds, including chest and abdomen with damage to internal organs.

By results of judicial consideration by the panel of judges on 20 February was convicted on which the Kiev found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Earlier in the Zaporozhye area the man killed the paratrooper 79th air assault brigade of the armed forces and 30-year-old woman.

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