The Cabinet has expanded the list of government agencies that are authorized to inspect businesses

Now expanded the list of government bodies that have the right to inspect businesses and are not acting earlier moratorium.

The corresponding decision was taken by the Cabinet.

In particular, the moratorium does not fall within the activities of Gospodarevskaya and its territorial bodies in terms of implementation of the state veterinary and sanitary control, state supervision (control) over observance of sanitary legislation, security, and individual indicators of the quality of food products, observance of legislation on consumer rights protection, state supervision in the sphere of quarantine and plant protection.

Also derived from the effect of the moratorium of the State fiscal service, Ministry of natural resources, Antimonopoly Committee, state service of special communication, state service on medicinal products, Gosgeonedra, Derzeitiger, the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities, the National Commission on securities and stock market, Ministry of transport, Gosudarstvu, state ecoinspection, partially SSES and other enterprises.

The government explained that this approach to the formation of the list of bodies of state supervision (control) are applied to the development of entrepreneurship, and also provide control over the most vulnerable and risky areas of public relations and fulfilling the international legal obligations of Ukraine.

The corresponding list of institutions that withdrew from the moratorium, the Cabinet approved the resolution No. 1104 on December 18, 2017. Now the document published on the government portal.

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