The government decided the issues of monetization of subsidies

The government has approved changes to the mechanism of monetization of subsidies. They solve problematic issuesthat arose after the introduction of a new system of calculation from 1 January of this year.

This was written by the Finance Minister Alexander danyluk on his page in Facebook.

According to him, payments for rent, apartment building management, and other services will be carried out on the basis of the information departments of social protection of the accrued benefits and subsidies.

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Now grants paid directly for the resources actually consumed and services rendered. This eliminates situations where, for example, performers receive greater subsidies than consumed in the household. Thus, budget funds will be used more efficiently.

Videoblue 6 million families receive subsidies for utilities

6.5 million families receive subsidies to pay for public services. On the website of the Ministry of regional development and construction explain: of those who enjoys subsidies, is the irrational use them. In particular, they are not interested to implement energy-saving technologies in homes. And in economic news – all debtors of the banks will make in a single list. The Council supported the creation of credit registry of the national Bank.

Snidanok 1+1

February 7, 10:08

As noted, the Treasury will transfer funds to accounts in banking institutions. The government has reduced the time of the transfer of funds.

“All the naysayers want to assure you: no collapse with calculations on subsidies and never will be. Monetization of subsidies is an efficient and effective ability to prevent the abuse and corruption in this process. Thus we will also reinforce state control over expenditures for subsidies”, – Danilyuk wrote.

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The Minister also said that the introduction in Ukraine monetization of subsidies is a revolutionary step, which is long overdue. “First of all, because this process it was necessary to make transparent. We can’t afford to let billions of budgetary funds went nowhere”, – he explained.

Recall that Groysman this year, plans to repay the debts on benefits and subsidies. “I think in 2018 we will be able to bring all debts to zero”, – he said.

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