The case against kidnapper two-month-baby Obolon has transferred in court

Kiev local Prosecutor’s office No. 5 finished pre-judicial investigation and sent to court the indictment concerning 20-the summer inhabitant of Kiev who stole the two month old child in the Obolon district of the capital.

Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev.

During the pre-trial investigation, the woman fully admitted her guilt in committing a crime. His action, she explained that she wanted to keep this baby and passing it off as their own.

The conclusion of the examination a suspect was found sane.

For kidnapping a woman faces up to five years of imprisonment.

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The kidnapper of the baby in Kiev told that their dead baby was thrown in the trash

Recall that near a kindergarten in Kyiv on 20 October 2017 stole a little girl. Six baby daddy brought in the 606th care when I came to pick up the older child. The stroller he had left under the stairs and went upstairs and when came down – the child was gone.

Later, the Network published a video of a child abduction. The suspect was detained October 21. According to the chief of the Department of national police in Kiev, Andriy kryschenko, the woman informed allegedly lost her baby, threw it in the trash, and stolen the girl could pass for a native.

Videopokerenlinea baby in Obolon told me that her child threw it in the trash

TSN. 12:00

October 23, 2017, 12:21


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