The test section of hyperloop in the river will cost 5.5- $ 8.5 million

Platform for test technologies of the movement of the capsules on an air cushion in the vacuum tube in the Ukrainian Dnipro should become a European analogue test center Elon musk in the U.S. state of Nevada. This was stated in an interview with Hromadske radio head of the Ukrainian construction project Hyperloop – HypeUA Alexander Oseran.

“We, together with the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine we study with the scientific and economic point of view, the feasibility of using hyperloop in Ukraine. Our economists and engineers have calculated that the construction of hyperloop at least two times cheaper than the construction of euroklei. The second component in the river we want to place such a hub, where we could use a startup projects generally in the field of new types of transport,” he explained and cited the example of Nevada, where there is a contest with a prize Fund, and startups compete in a speed capsule and get paid for reaching the money.

Videotransit officials seriously declare intentions to build “Hyperloop”

Officials, businessmen and academics swung to the records Elon musk. And say they are ready to build a Ukrainian “Hyperloop”. Because are sure that Ukraine has all the resources and in the modern world it is not feasible to build a conventional railway. Cheaper vacuum train.

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According to Serena, a platform in the river will not require too large investments. “It’s just now I think. But it not such big money. Now on the European continent, one kilometer costs $ 40 million. If we are talking about hyperloop, it is from 11 to 17 million dollars. The test area is half a kilometer, whereas there are no such significant money,” – he explained and added that assistance in the implementation of the project are expected to come from several sources. “We have gathered ten partners – public and private companies. From the state is “Yuzhmash”, which owns all of our space technology, and from some of these technologies we just have to blow off the dust and apply them. Also is a state concern “Ukroboronprom”, they have a couple of hundred companies with appropriate technologies”, – said the head of the project.

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Oseran also explained that the price of travel in the capsule will depend on how quickly investors want to return the money spent. “We talked about the fact that the ticket will be somewhere in the area of 500-600 USD, but you have to understand that there is the issue of cost recovery. If the payback period of the train will be decades, of course, the ticket may be inexpensive. If we need to quickly recoup, we thought that the ticket might cost about 4 thousand UAH. But the amount of UAH 500-600 covers the cost of maintenance of trains and his work,” explained enthusiast.

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