“This is a real victory”, – Poroshenko about the historic decision in the gas case against Ukraine Russia

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called “a real victory” the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in two cases, between “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and Russian “Gazprom”. In the end, Russia should transfer to Kiev of 2.56 billion U.S. dollars.

“This is a real victory. Today’s decision of the Stockholm arbitration, Ukraine has won 4 billion 600 million US dollars (under the transit contract). These funds will be paid for gas which was consumed by us in a very difficult 2014. And in the budget of the state company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will be transferred 2 billion 560 million USD (up to two awards). What will be credited immediately. This is the result of joint coordinated work of the management of “Naftogaz”, the government, the President,” said Poroshenko during a meeting with the leadership of “Naftogaz” on the evening of 28 February.

The President congratulated and thanked the entire Ukrainian team, which defended the interests of Ukraine in Stockholm. He stressed that “this is a historic decision for the protection of national and financial interests of Ukraine. Our General position proved that we can win the legal battle in Stockholm”.

The victory in the arbitration – “this strengthening of reserves, and 100% position in the fidelity of our energy strategy”.

“This is a very big number. It is much more than the debt for gas, which we selected in 2014. It actually means that “Gazprom” should pay in favor of “Naftogaz” a little more than $ 2.5 billion. This victory proves that we can win. The joint work of the Ukrainian team support, including yours, Mr. President, can achieve such results”, – said the Chairman of the Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andriy KOBOLEV.

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Recall, 22 December, “Naftogaz” received the final decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the contract for the purchase of gas. According to the company, the arbitration has satisfied all the requirements of the Ukrainian side reduced the price of the gas it purchased from Gazprom in the second quarter of 2014, 27.4% to 352 dollars per thousand cubic meters; dismissed the claims of the Russian side to buy gas on a “take or pay” in the amount of $ 56 billion. Arbitration also reduced the amount of gas that “Naftogaz” in the years 2018-2019 will be required to buy from “Gazprom”, from 52 to 5 billion cubic meters per year.

Earlier it was reported that “Gazprom” does not intend to appeal the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute with Naftogaz.

Another is that a transit contract, which was concluded in 2009, “Gazprom” had to be transported through Ukraine 110 billion cubic meters per year. As this condition was not fulfilled, “Naftogaz” demanded in court to collect from the Russian company $ 16 billion. Publication of the arbitration decision under the contract on the transit took place on 28 February 2018.

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