Kolomoisky called the findings of the NBU in respect of “PrivatBank” on the basis of the audit Kroll false

“Independent investigation” of the auditing company Kroll of “PrivatBank”, which in January 2018 was announced, the national Bank of Ukraine, does not exist, and the conclusions set out by the financial regulator, are deliberately false information, discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of Igor Kolomoisky.

This is stated in the statement of the businessman, who announced his lawyer Igor Borschenko.

“According to information received from the National Bank of Ukraine in response to our inquiry, the results of the investigation company Kroll at “PrivatBank” is the only presentation published on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine, – said in the letter signed by the lawyer, who arrived to the address of TSN.ia. – That is, months-long “independent investigation” Kroll embodied in the presentation volume 7 pages, issued on the letterhead of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Executive and confirmed no properly written report, or what proof. In addition, the results of this “independent investigation” no one has claimed responsibility, because the published document does not contain signatures of any persons or representatives of Kroll, nor officials of the National Bank”.

Defender of the ex-co-owner of “PrivatBank” among other things refers to the response of the national Bank of Ukraine (signed by the Deputy head of the NBU Catherine Rozhkova) at the attorney’s request, which States that the national Bank was transferred to the GPU and NAB a copy of the presentation of the Kroll investigation, which (presentation) has been posted on the website of the National Bank.

Also in response, the NBU stated that “the national Bank has no information regarding the transfer of PJSC CB “PrivatBank”, by Kroll, the General Prosecutor’s office, National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine of the conclusions of Kroll’s “independent investigation” and any evidence to confirm it” (quote).

“What is the established practice of documenting results of the work of Kroll, you can see, for example, on the website of the National Bank of Moldova – a document issued on the letterhead of the company Kroll, which amounts to 57 pages and which gives the opportunity to determine the perpetrator of a report of Kroll and the scope of work. Thus, there is no “independent investigation company Kroll”, and the conclusions issued by the National Bank of Ukraine, are deliberately false information, discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of Igor V. Kolomoisky, the measures of judicial protection”, – said in a statement Kolomoisky.

The letter also noted that according to the media, the cost of the services of the company Kroll Associates U.K. Limited (“Kroll”) is at least 3.4 m euros (which is equivalent to almost 100 million UAH).

“That is the Ukrainian taxpayers an anonymous presentation of the results of an independent investigation” was worth almost 15 million UAH for one page that shows the “efficiency” of the loss of funds by the National Bank of Ukraine”, – concluded the businessman.

Videobase shareholders of PrivatBank responded to the allegations of fraud prior to its nationalization

The national Bank published the report of the international company “Krol” on the activity of PrivatBank before its nationalization. Any comments and detailed explanations of representatives of the regulator refused. Meanwhile, there was a reaction of the former shareholders of the Bank.

TSN. 19:30

January 16, 20:28

We will remind, the national Bank of Ukraine on January 16 announced the results of an independent investigation company Kroll, which claimed that “PrivatBank” has been the subject of massive and coordinated fraudulent actions, at least within ten years prior to nationalization.

According to the survey, losses estimated at least $ 5.5 billion dollars. USA.

Igor Kolomoisky then called “nonsense” published the report of the NBU. “Nonsense that makes no sense to comment. The main question is where and when withdrawn the money. Especially liked the Maxim that the former management worked in the interests of the shareholder. And in whose interests it is supposed to work in the interests of Poroshenko or Gontareva Rozhkova?” – he said then.

Kroll is a leading risk company, which helps clients to make decisions on risk management in relation to people, assets, operations and security, said on the official website.

The company operates more than 40 years. Specializiruetsya on identifying, mitigating, monitoring risk company. The headquarters is located in new York. Has over 35 offices in 20 countries. Has a multidisciplinary team, which has about 1,000 employees. The company provides services at different levels: investigation services, cyber security, legal expertise, and the like.

Videolibrary audit showed a large number of problem loans “PrivatBank”

TSN. 19:30

4 July 2017, 20:49

Kroll has repeatedly appeared in high-profile international scandals. A high-profile case related to the cooperation with the telecommunications company Brasil Telecom. Then the detectives Kroll was arrested. They were accused of illegal wiretapping of private telephone conversations, interception of correspondence and bribing officials. As a result, the investigation was stopped. Even more the reputation of the Agency was spoiled for the investigation of the alleged involvement of financier Allen Stanford money-laundering drug traffickers, creating a financial pyramid and tax evasion. Then the company found no evidence, but the US Federal government has collected necessary for the prosecution of the Stanford information. Financier was arrested and tried, and Kroll was accused of falsifying data.

In Ukraine about Kroll became known in 2001, when it was made public the investigation of the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze. Detectives came to the conclusion that ignorance of the matter of then-President Leonid Kuchma. “The only physical evidence that can make a President involved in murder, are records, the implementation of which claims Melnichenko. Even if we accept this as the truth, one can only assume, but not assert, that meant the President. In addition, there are a number of significant questions regarding the integrity of the films and the credibility of the person who, according to her statement, made these recordings,” – noted in the report.

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