Poland has started emergency deliveries of gas to Ukraine

The NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and the Polish gas company PGNiG has signed a contract for the urgent supply of gas after the statement of the Russian “Gazprom” about refusal of deliveries of blue fuel to Ukraine.

About it reports a press-service of the Polish company.

The contract is valid until the end of March 2018, its volume is more than 60 million cubic meters. Delivery began on Friday, March 2, at 6 a.m. through the node Hermanowice that connects the Polish transport system with the Ukrainian.

“The current situation of gas supply, indicates that our decision regarding the diversification of sources of supply was correct. Thanks to the partners from Poland failed to make another attempt of Moscow to use gas as a political weapon against Ukraine. I hope that the EU and the respective governments of the member States will take this situation into account before you make a final decision on Nord Stream 2”, – commented the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev.

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“Energy solidarity and good cooperation with neighbouring countries is our duty. Especially now, when Ukraine receives supplies from Russia, and natural gas demand for heating increases due to the harsh winter, said Peter Wozniak, Chairman of the management Board of PGNiG. – We are ready to increase volumes of supply or extend the term of the contract with “Naftogaz”, depending on the needs of the Ukrainian market”.

While Wozniak said that PGNiG is able to provide a stable and reliable supply of gas from the Polish of production and through the supply of gas from Qatar and the United States.

Recently the Russian “Gazprom” announced that all previously concluded with Ukraine the contract will be terminated. This step in “Gazprom” explained that the decision of the Stockholm arbitration violated the interests of the company.

Videose educational institutions of Ukraine cease operations due to lack of gas for heating

Until next Tuesday will not work all kindergartens, schools and universities. This time to save gas consumption. On the eve of “Gazprom” without explanation, shut off fuel supply to Ukraine and even returned the advance payment for March. Now in the country a day is not enough 15-20 million cubic meters of gas. The government has already developed an emergency response plan.

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