“Louse offended and growls”. Social media users ridiculed the actions of “Gazprom” after the loss of “Naftogaz”

Russian “Gazprom” after the loss of “Naftogaz” in the Stockholm arbitration almost 20% lowered the pressure in the gas pipe, which through the territory of Ukraine delivers blue fuel to Europe.

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Also “Gazprom” has returned to “Naftogaz” of money for gas, supplies of which have been restored on March 1.

On 2 March the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller has declared the severance of all previously concluded with Ukraine contracts.

The Cabinet imposed an emergency action plan to prevent crisis situations in the energy sector because of the actions of the Russian “Gazprom”. And “Naftogaz” called on citizens who have individual heating, to reduce a few days of gas consumption.

The initiative is sold on the social networks with the hashtag #Fasten. In particular, it was supported by President Petro Poroshenko.

Social media users also joined the discussion of the action “Gazprom” in response to losing in court.

Come on, Gazprom, still tighten the valve pic.twitter.com/nxukyv4XSs

— Mikhail Golub (@golub) on 2 March 2018.

He reacted to the situation by journalists, bloggers, public figures, officials and politicians. So, blogger Roman Shrike sort through the situation occurred.

“Rats don’t even dream about some sort of blitzkrieg or the March to Berlin. The rat was cornered and she panic snaps”, – wrote Advisor to the Minister of defense Yury Biryukov.

The journalist Yury Butusov said that such actions “Gazprom” indicate the risk of escalation of hostilities in Donbas, “Putin shows that he is ready to apply tough measures against Ukraine. After the termination of the contract the risk of damage to the pipeline for Russia will be not important. The war on the agenda is maintained.”

MP Vadim Denisenko said that this is a typical Russian reaction, the essence of which is the famous phrase Ostrovsky’s “do not fetch you to anybody”. “Economic sense in this story, and simply do not need to look for”, – said the Deputy.

Along with in-depth analysis and concerns about disappointing prospects of social media users still can’t resist ironiziruya over predictable tactics of actions of the Russian authorities.


— Mikhail Golub (@golub) on 2 March 2018.

It is noteworthy that someone sees in this situation a positive. “We will have problems, but we’ll manage. The main thing to be away from Mordor! You need to increase production of its gas and modernize the housing and communal services”, – wrote to social activist Semyon Kubakaev.

Recall that on 28 February it became known about the second decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute between “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom”. In the end, Russia needs Ukraine of 2.56 billion dollars.

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