In the sea of Azov militants shelling of civilian cars and doctors, “con” APU to the OSCE

In the sea of Azov militants shelling of civilian cars and doctors, “con” APU to the OSCE


25 Mar, 05:30

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Occupiers provoke fire from the Ukrainian side that the observers have created a false impression about the initiator of the shooting.

The tactics of attacks on civilian targets started to use militants in the southern sector of the front in the area of operations of the joint forces. The military say that the enemy is not the first time a civilian covered, says the story TSN.19:30.

Near Water shells attacked so much that it will take ten years to clear all the area. Recently, the situation became a war of covert, subversive and provocative – from large offensive operations, the parties moved to a local military action. “Often get us into a shooting when there are OSCE observers,” – says the commander of the brigade APU Dmitry Delyatitsky.

Videoroliki provoke Ukrainian military and then call the OSCE observers

Shooting at civilian cars and doctors, and when we are response by the Armed forces of Ukraine, the cause of the OSCE. About this tactic of the enemy to tell our soldiers on the front line in sea of Azov. They say the gunmen brought to the trenches that children, journalists, and shoot from behind them.

TSN. 19:30

24 Mar, 21:10

In this hybrid war anything goes, from trickery to madness. Fighters on the front line can bring on a trip of children, and to pass to substitute not only them, but also of journalists of the Russian media cameras eager to record only the incoming fire from the Ukrainian positions. In the silence of another such “truce” still sound breaks large calibers and dying soldiers. “Now there is such intense fighting like in 2014 or 2015, fewer victims, but they are. Continued shooting. A truce, not a truce – anyway,” says the fighter, nicknamed “Skipper”.

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Aggravation in the sea of Azov: the militants fired at the Ukrainian military from infantry fighting vehicles and heavy mortars

Return fire, the military set fire to an enemy bunker and now we hope that it will chill the enemy. “We have recently contracted a guy here the car was driving with a cross – they fired her. They always do that,” says one of the soldiers. For impudent behavior of Russian invaders the Ukrainian fighters with them in the case of receiving the command without further ADO. “It happens, when calm, roll call: dill, soon Russia will come, you gall. But they’re all trying – and no, only the teeth break. Will continue to break,” – said the fighter with a call sign “Thirteenth”.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk

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