Men are told how much they cost women’s day and what they pleased loved ones and relatives

Men are told how much they cost women’s day and what they pleased loved ones and relatives



9 Mar, 09:42

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This year the sale of flowers has grown considerably, comparing to 2017.

Men have spent on gifts for beloved and dear women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and friends on March 8 , on average more than a thousand hryvnia, but the results are different everywhere.

This is stated on the air “Breakfast with 1+1“.

So, some men call the amount in three to five thousand hryvnia. Others stay in the area one thousand hryvnia, while adding that more will go shopping.

Among the most popular gifts: rings, chains, military, lipsticks, facial masks. Sellers of jewelry stores noted that sales in these days increase by 60%, and men less than a thousand hryvnia in these stores do not leave.

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A fixture in women’s day are flowers. This year, in flower shops and private sellers there is a real buzz.

“Today, yesterday it was something unbelievable. Twice more than last year,” say the sellers of flowers.

However, this year the Ukrainians are the last time to have a day off on March 8, and call is a Day of struggle for women’s rights. A huge number of people do not agree with this initiative and wish to continue to celebrate March 8, to gifts and the like. Marketers claim that such celebrations will benefit the country’s economy.

“It’s all driven by the economy. Because sales at this point grow naturally, flowers and gifts. And this is a great holiday when buying what a person wants, and not what a man need .. people need to give some kind of whim,” says one expert.

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In Europe, for instance, March 8 is not a holiday, not celebrate it with such pomp, as in the countries of the former USSR. Even in Germany, where she was born and worked as a fighter for women’s rights Clara Zetkin, the day is almost not observed, however, Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated the women and urged them to fight.

“We still have a lot of work. And not only here in Germany. We need to take care of other countries where women do not have the desired equality. So this day we would like to emphasize that the struggle for equal rights of women continues,” she wrote.

We will remind, the championship of overcoming obstacles with a woman on the neck was held in Bukovel. The start was made for couples and lovers, and just random people who were willing to work together to cover the distance.

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